Governor blog from Tim Griggs - Eclipse & Science Fair

Date: 24th Mar 2015 @ 11:08am

Last Friday, along with most of the rest of the UK, I was stood staring up at the sky wearing special glasses to view the eclipse. I joined the children, families, staff and governors of Hermitage as the playground turned eerily dark, a strange silence broke out and the ’eclipse wind’ picked up. It really was a great experience for everyone involved – the children in particular appeared to be fascinated by what was happening. The playground was full of homemade and shop-bought devices for safely viewing the eclipse, and it was great to see how much enthusiasm this generated. I’m not sure who it was who brought the welding-mask but he was the most popular boy in school as it made a perfect eclipse viewer! But what I loved most about the day, and about this school, is that the teachers and children had decided to use this opportunity to host a Science Fair in the main hall and to invite parents along to participate. Each year-group had set up a stand to conduct a series of experiments, and we all got to test out a variety of different scientific theories. The children loved every minute of it, and anything that encourages that enthusiasm for science is great in my book. A massive thanks must go to Mrs Bailey and the team for pulling together a really interesting, stimulating and fun event that took advantage of the excitement around the eclipse and got everyone excited about Science.

Tim Griggs

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