Governor blog by Helen Bailey - Maths drop-ins

Date: 7th Jun 2016 @ 10:09pm

I was recently lucky enough to put on my ‘Governor Hat’ and spend the morning visiting all the classes at school to see some of their fantastic maths activities taking place. It was lovely to see the children fully engaged and working with such enthusiasm, applying all the skills they have learned. The activities ranged from using coins to purchase fruit (a very reasonably priced stall Mrs Vernon!) to formal written methods for column subtraction and the grid method for multiplication. Across the school the children were using a range of practical resources to aid their understanding. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Year 1 children using the number balances and higher up the school the children had great fun using place value counters to deepen their understanding of subtraction. I was impressed by the children’s confidence when explaining their reasoning for reaching particular answers and they were extremely motivated in their learning. It was a real privilege seeing the progression throughout the school. Many thanks to all the pupils and teachers for inviting me in!

Helen Bailey

Staff Governor

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