Governor blog from Tim Griggs Friday 24th April

Date: 28th Apr 2015 @ 9:00am

One of the things that I enjoy most about being a school governor is variety, and last Friday was an excellent example of the variety that this school offers our children. I found some time in my diary to spend the afternoon with Yr 4 and took part in their music theory lesson. What I don't now know about crotchets, quavers and minims is not worth knowing! Every good boy deserves football, apparently. After getting over-excited about music, Mrs Bailey then escorted me to Yr 6 and handed me over to Mrs Whittingham and her chickens - 8 newborn chicks wandering about on newspaper, and a lively debate on the benefits of chicken poo. Following lunch with Yr 4 and a spot of football with Yr 2, I then re-joined Yr6 in the ICT lab for a session on 'Scratch' coding. Scratch is a simple but intuitive computer programming language for children and I loved it. Yr6 we're building applications for KS1 children to teach them 'life lessons' such as how to cross the road, avoiding strangers and even poisonous food! The class really engaged with the application and Mrs Whittingham clearly has a couple of budding app developers in her class as some were really very advanced. The day was rounded off with Ms Wilson's Yr 2 Friday storytime about a Boa Constrictor who was unhappy with the gloves he received for his birthday, into which further life-lessons involving the Hermitage Heroes were seamlessly weaved.

I went home that afternoon shattered, but thoroughly impressed with how engaged the children were with the wide variety that this school has to offer and was again reminded how lucky we are to have the teaching staff we have to inspire our children. So when you next ask your child what they got up to at school that day and they respond with "not much", please rest assured that they don't mean it!

Tim Griggs

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