Hello Year 4 27.4.20

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 1:25pm

Hello Year 4

Another new week begins.

Mrs Savoury and I have enjoyed reading your emails and looking at all the work you have done and all the acivities you are enjoying. Thank you all.

Here are a few photos to start us off this week. Emma has made her own soap (very topical at the moment) and the sunflower was drawn by Alice. Impressive!

Look after youselves and your family and keep safe,

Love Mrs Davies


Hello Year 4! 

Some more photos of work which people have been doing this week! There is some fantastic map work. Lots of tasty baking going on (it was making me very hungry) and even some wall building! 

Its been great looking at what you have been doing Year 4! 


Mrs Savory and Mrs Davies

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Tom wrote:

For reading I have finished Harry Potter book 5! Also my favourite part was the big fight at the end and seeing dumbldore in action! At the start of six it’s a bit confusing when snape meets up with bellatrix lastrange!

Alice wrote:

Im only on book 3 but it does seem exiting that you saw dumbeldoor in action!

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Alice wrote:

Hi guys hope your all ok I made so really cute bunting 🎀🌸😎

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Alice wrote:

I don’t know how to put the pic of it on though 🥺😢😭

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Alice wrote:

wait a second! on the pics above mine is the 3rd one across. Do you like it 😃😄😀

Oliver Timms wrote:

Wow that is so nice Alice, are you going to put it in your window?
Me and my mummy are making some paper ones. I am going to draw sunshine and hearts on mine like one of the shops in the village.

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