Hello Year 4 Week 2

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 11:34am

Hello Year 4,

I hope you are all OK.

I thought it would be a good idea to start a new blog each week so that it is easier to find new entries.

Please keep in touch and tell us what you have been up to.

Take care,


Mrs Davies x

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Mrs Savory wrote:

Hello year 4

It was nice reading what you have all been up to last week. It was very strange not being in school with everyone. At least the sun was out last week.

I am looking forward to reading about what you are up to this week. I have started doing yoga with Alannah using cosmic kids yoga.

Have a good week year 4!

Mrs Savory

Mrs Ross wrote:

Hello Mrs Savory,
I have been doing some yoga too. Have you tried any of the Joe Wicks workouts with Alannah yet? We did them at school last week and the children and staff loved it!
I wonder what Y4 are up to today!
Have fun and take care.

Mrs Savory wrote:

Hello Mrs Ross,

Alannah and I attempted Joe Wicks this week, she loved it but WOW it was hard work!
It looks like year 4 have been up to some great things so far and looking forward to seeing more.

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Mrs Davies wrote:

Thank you for the photos!
Don't forget to show us what you've been up to by sending photos to Mrs Bevan on admin@hermitage.cheshire.sch.uk
Mrs Davies

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Oliver Timms wrote:

Hi Guys
I have been learning to ride my bike better, and making money and tokens for my new game.
I like your roman drawings Jude - i wish i could make one like that.
from Oliver

dj wrote:

high Oliver

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Mrs Savory wrote:

The photos look great!
I am pleased to see a bit or Roman work going on at home! If you are working on your Roman project, don't forget to send us your photos and we can put them on here.
Take care everyone!

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dj wrote:

what are you doing to day🐎

Oliver T wrote:

Hi Dj
i am starting to make a new godzilla picture and helping my mummy to colour in a mandala picture. Then after lunch we are going to read Boffin Boy and do our PE.
What are you doing today?

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