Min y Don 2020 Day 2

Date: 25th Feb 2020 @ 7:51am

Day 2.  UPDATE

We have had a fabulous day, despite the occasional shower. We have hill walked, canoed, zip-wired, fired arrows, conquered high AND low ropes, cycled, climbed and abseiled.

The hilll walk was really good, we all did very well and loved eating lunch up by the lake whilst looking at the snow on the mountains. Those of us that completed the ropes courses climbed higher than we thought we could and worked brilliantly as a team. Canoeing was such fun - at one point we all had to swao places with other people in other boats! At the end we had to run through the estuary to the sand bank and back. It eas very cold but a lot of fun. Those of us trial biking went to the beach, threw stones in the water and got splashed by a wave!

The children have all gone to bed and all seems quiet! We are so impressed with how much ALL the children are achieving. We are very proud of them.


Day 2

Good Morning - the children haven't appeared yet - and there are no sounds. They have ALL slept well and are getting ready for the day's activities.We are going to have to go and wake them up shortly so they are ready to sing a hearty 'Happy Birthday' to Annabelle - the Birthday Girl!

The balloons are blown up, the chair is ready and a few little presents are waiting.

Just as I finish, a few 'just woken-up faces' are beginning to appear. Will post later. Have a lovely day everyone.

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Suzanne wrote:

Happy Birthday Annabelle 🥳x
Hope you all have a great day today x

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Helen wrote:

Happy Birthday Annabelle 🥳🎂

Hope everyone has a great day 😊 x

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Sarah buckley wrote:

Happy birthday Annabelle!!

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Clair Astles wrote:

Happy birthday Annabelle have a fab day 🎉🥳

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Claire wrote:

Happy Birthday Annabelle xxxx

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Ellie jenkins wrote:

Have a lovely day everyone.
Happy birthday to Annabelle.

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Kathryn wrote:

Have a great day everyone! Happy birthday Annabelle - one time remember! Xx

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Julia wrote:

Dearest Annabelle, wishing you a very Happy 11th Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day. Have lots of fun today and we love you very much! 🎉🎁🎈🎂🥳

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Natalie wrote:

Happy Birthday Annabelle - hope you have a brilliant day 🥳🥳🥳

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Magda wrote:

Have a lovely day everyone!
Happy Birthday Annabelle.

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Donna Dutton wrote:

Hi Everyone,
Hope your all having a fantastic time.
Wishing Annabelle a very Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🎂💝.
Have lots of fun.
Love to Ruby-Violet xxx

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Jill Simpson wrote:

Happy Birthday Annabelle - I hope you have all had a great day xx

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Helen wrote:

Happy birthday Annabelle! Hope you’re all having a fab time! xx

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Deborah Coath wrote:

Happy Birthday Annabelle.
Hope you are all having an amazing time! Xx

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Babs wrote:

Wowzers looks awesome

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