Min y don Day 4

Date: 1st Mar 2018 @ 7:26am

Day 4 -

What a great day. The children have completed all the activities planned - the only change was the walk being a bit shorter due to the 'slight nip in the air'! wink We have also cycled, been on the high ropes and zip wire, orienteered and been MYD agents. It has been lots of fun.

We all played Pictionary this evening, which was great. The children have gone upstairs now to pack a few bits and get a good night's sleep (hopefully) in readiness for the final activities and journey home tomorrow. 

Enjoy today's pictures...

Day 4 - 13:36

Just to keep you updated - this morning we were in touch with the coach company and they do not anticipate any major changes to the schedule. The centre staff also see no reason to change the plans. The children's safety continues to be our number one priority.


Day 4 - 7:07 am

Good morning. It has been another quiet night here at lovely Min y don. There are some sounds emerging from the various dorms as the children are beginning to get up, but nothing too raucous as yet!

It is a bit blustery outside this morning but there has not been any more snow, as you will see from this morning's photo. There are more exciting activities to complete today and we are very excited to see what the different challenges are.

More updates later ...

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Ellie wrote:

Have a great day. Wrap up warm and have lots of fun xx

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Deborah wrote:

Looks absolutely beautiful, hope you’re all having fun and keeping warm x

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Jo Rowe wrote:

Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad the kids have continued to enjoy the activities despite the ‘slight nip in the air’.

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Chris Lewis wrote:

Have fun, stay warm, looking forward to seeing you all xx

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Rowan wrote:

Lovely photos, we’ve enjoyed reading the blogs and looking at the photos. Thank you for the updates. Safe journey home tomorrow

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Suzanne wrote:

Glad you’ve had another great day. Sleep well everyone. Safe journey home tomorrow, can’t wait for you to get back and here all about it x

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Amanda Bromley wrote:

Thankyou to all who have made this an unforgettable experience for yr6! See you all soon! Xx

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Chris Lewis wrote:

Safe journey home today - can't wait to hear all about it! x

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Anwen Brierley wrote:

it was really fun at Min y don

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Miss Whittingham wrote:

It most certainly was. I'm glad toy enjoyed it, Anwen.

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