Min y Don Day 5

Date: 26th Feb 2016 @ 7:27am

Day 5

All home safe and sound. Thank you Year 6 - it's been a wonderful week and you all achieved so much.

07:22 - No sign of the children being awake yet! However, there is still quite a lot of packing to do(!) so they will have to be up soon.

We have had a brilliant week - made even better by the weather - we have been so lucky. We are looking forward to seeing you all though, and getting a really good night's sleep tonight...although, may be we could stay for just one more night and squeeze a few more activities in?!

See you later!


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Sue Foster wrote:

You were so lucky with the weather! What wonderful scenery and views also. Safe journey home :-)

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Debbie Manning wrote:

Thank you to all of the teachers that made this possible. Charlie had such a great time, he hasn't stopped talking about his adventures. Have a very restful weekend.

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