Normandy 2016 Day 2

Date: 5th Oct 2016 @ 8:33am

Normandy 2016

Day 2 - 4th October

 The day began with a delicious breakfast of baguette, hot chocolate, cereal and fruit.  Everyone tucked in and filled up!

First stop was Pegasus Bridge Memorial Museum.  The children listened well to how the 6th Airborne division prepared for the D-Day landings by using Horsa Gliders to surprise the enemy and capture a crucial bridge across the river - Pegasus Bridge.

We walked across the actual Pegasus Bridge and looked inside a life size replica of a Horsa Glider.   The information film helped us to understand even more.  We finished the visit with a quiz.

 Next we walked to the river to see the actual landing sites of the three gliders before having lunch looking out over the river, with the sun shining down.

 We then visited a Commonwealth War Memorial which was especially poignant as we found the memorial for the solider who had died in battle fighting to free Pegasus Bridge.

 Our journey took us to an Apple Orchard next - Ferme Billy.   We walked around the orchards and we tasted apples.  We then saw the apple pressing equipment before sampling different varieties of apple juice.

 After a busy day we headed back to the centre for tea. 

 To end the day the children danced off any last energy reserves before bed! 

Pegasus Bridge


Ferme Billy 


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