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Date: 23rd Mar 2015 @ 6:18pm

Monday 23/3/2015

We arrived at the "School House", Todmorden for a few days in the beatiful countryside of West Yorkshire. On the way here the children treated us to an almost constant stream of popular music, so we didn't need the radio (I think they were quite excited!).

Upon arrival each of the children was placed into a group of 9 or 10 children (half girls/half boys) and introduced to their group leader for the three days. Myself, Mrs Clow and Mrs Slater will spend one of the days with each of the groups.

Today, my group went on a secret mission to investigate alien sightings in the area. They were able to use GPS equipment and radio transmitters in order to search for Agent Black. I am sure they will tell you more about this when they return.

The other groups were able to climb and jump from a great height to try and reach a trapeze. They were also introduced to the Piranha Pool. Fortunatley most of the children were able to escape the piranhas unscathed!


Tuesday 24/3/2015

Some of the children were so exhausted on Monday night that they were asking for the lights to be turned off early! Today's activities started at 8:30am and, other than breaks for meals, they will continue until 9:00pm. Each group will have done all of the activities by the time we leave tomorrow afternoon.

I was with a different group today and they have completed: Bouldering, Caving, Night Line, Climbing, Crate Challenge and are currently visiting the Dungeon of Doom. After this they will have a review and we will share a birthday cake with Max who is 10 today.

When we walked up to the boulders the sky was clear and, although a bit chilly, it looked like being a nice day. The children enjoyed trying to get through very small spaces at varying levels of difficulty. About half way through the weather began to change and we were met with a rain, hail, sleet and snow storm! After we had arrived back at the site the group had a quick change and then completed the indoor caving activity.

Following this they had the "Night Line" activity, I will let them explain this to you when they get home. I can let you know they had to wear rather silly goggles. There are a few examples of these in the PowerPoint. Can you guess who they are?

Wednesday 25/3/2015

All of the children enjoyed their last three activities this morning, we had a quick lunch and then travelled back to Hermitage. They have all had a great time as they have got to know each other better, challenged themselves, worked as a team and increased in confidence.

The Robin Wood staff were brilliant and were able to ge the best out of each of the children, I'm sure each child will have fond memories of their leader and an action packed few days.

Please have a look at the latest power point that shows some of the images from the last day.



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Eliza Cantello wrote:

I loved Robin Wood!!

Thank you so much Mr Banks for being the best teacher EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD OF TEACHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Eliza xx

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Caitlin wrote:

Robin Wood was AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking us and giving us an EPIC time Mr Banks | Mrs Clow | Mrs Slater .

From Caitlin :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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