Week beginning 22nd September

Date: 26th Sep 2014 @ 1:49pm

It's been a really busy week for the school this week!

First of all 12 of our Y6 pupils have been to Anthy Sur-Leman to sharpen their french skills and learn more about the culture of the country - as well as having a lot of fun of course. All reports are that the children had a brilliant time and were a credit to their school. This morning, (Friday) I greeted 2 very tired but happy teachers who had organised and taken the children on their trip. This is an enormous responsibility and takes a tremendous amount of work as you can imagine. I'd particularly like to thank Mrs Lewis, Mrs Cox and Mr Collier for taking the children - we couldn't do this without your willingness and dedication!

Back at school, Miss Whittingham planned a really enjoyable week for the remaining Y6 pupils. Amongst other things, they have organised the coffee morning, planned and bought ingredients for making cakes, baked cakes & sold them for the Macmillan coffee morning today! Brilliant! Once again, there were some lovely compliments from people in the village who saw our children out and about. Well done all of you.

I've enjoyed seeing Y1 & Y2 doing their maths work this week - really trying hard with some tricky concepts! Y2 had an amzing trip to Trentham Gardens for their work on habitats and once again, we were really proud of how well they behaved and learned out of school.

Y5 have had enormous fun making an urban skyline model and painting for the new school display - thanks to Mrs Green for all her help too! We enjoyed welcoming Mrs Bryan back into school when she worked with Y3 while Mrs Lewis was in France. In Y4 there have been Christmas cards around! This is because the children are making their own cards for you to order on parent's evening.

For me this week, I have worked with our school improvement partner to ensure that our school is being led in the right direction and have also worked with the partnership head teachers to make plans for our staff and children to work together this year. On Wednesday, there was a really brilliant PTA meeting - there are so many things for children and parents to look forward to in the coming months. We'll let you have all the details as they become available.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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