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Date: 4th Sep 2015 @ 8:46am



This is my first of many newsletters and I feel very lucky, excited and a little bit nervous starting my new job as Headteacher at Hermitage Primary School.  Already I have been made to feel very welcome.  From speaking to staff over the last few days, I know that the staff love working at Hermitage and they talk passionately about the Hermitage family, the great children, families and the close and supportive staff team.


I hope that you have all enjoyed the summer.  The staff have been working hard over the summer holiday getting the classrooms ready as well as planning and preparing fun and exciting learning activities for their classes.   Mr Buckley has been busy around school and amongst his many jobs he has painted the whole of the Year 5 classroom making it look brand new! Mrs Kingston, Mr Buckley and Mrs Curzon have worked tirelessly to ensure that the school is clean and tidy – an extra big job as I am sure you can imagine the extra dust and mess following the new kitchen build!


Mr Sproston and Miss Kirkham are both eager to start teaching in their new roles at Hermitage and I am sure that everyone will make them feel very welcome.


The biggest achievement over the summer holidays is the completion of the new school kitchen.  Mrs Whitmore and Ms Johnson were very excited about cooking the first set of school dinners using the new facilities and the children have been just as excited about getting their dinners from the new kitchen too.   The new layout of the school kitchen means that we can make better use of the space and the children will no longer need to queue down the side of the hall.  We have been extremely lucky to have had a grant from the government to update the kitchen facilities and it will make a real positive difference to the dining experience for the children and the catering staff.


As one project concludes, so another starts!  The next phase of the building project has already started behind the scenes and the actual building work is due to start at the end of September.  The staff and governors have put a lot of thought, time and planning into ensuring that the children experience a minimum of disruption during the building works.   As explained by Miss Wilson, in a letter sent out in the summer term, the school is hosting Happy Days until their new building is ready for them to move into.  I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that this has been done with a lot of forward planning and consideration for the children at Hermitage and those attending Happy Days.  We have liaised fully with the Happy Days staff to ensure that they have access to all the resources they need while at the same time ensuring minimum disruption to Hermitage pupils and staff.  We will continue to work together, as we always have done, with the knowledge that the end result, new improved classroom facilities, will be well worth it and will have a positive impact for a long time into the future.  The children will still have full access to ICT facilities through the use of the laptops and full access to library resources, which have been distributed to the age-appropriate classes, for the short-term.  Everyone at Hermitage and Happy Days fully appreciates your support and patience as we work hard to improve the school for the current pupils and generations to come.


Mrs Ross


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