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Date: 5th May 2015 @ 9:05am

I had a lovely morning with Miss Wilson and Year 2 on Thursday. The children had been doing noun phrases and I was impressed to hear what they had come up with; ‘scarlet umbrella’ and ‘sapphire water’ to name a few. It was great fun looking at their ‘tooth fairy fact boxes’, Year 2 are certainly an imaginative bunch! Tooth fairy data included facts like ‘life span: 100 years’ and ‘favourite drink: ‘rainbow juice’.

After break, it was time for maths and I was on till duty! The children came to my shop in pairs, and chose some items to buy (the Smarties were a very popular choice). They were able to tell me how much each item cost and then select the correct coins to pay for their shopping.

From maths to French, I was very impressed to watch the children learning the months of the year and then go on to say their birthdays in French.

It was a fantastic morning, full of variety and energy. The children were all an absolute delight, so friendly and confident. I hope to visit again very soon!

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