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Year 6 2021 - 2022

Mr S Torrie

Year 6 Spring Term 2022

Our topics for this term are:

Welcome back to your final term of primary school - a bit of a scary thought! I hope you had a lovely Easter and are ready to work hard .  We have got some fantastic topics to cover as well as a wide range of Maths and English work too.  Our first class text is Room 13, by Robert Swindells.  We will also be looking at Hansel and Gretel, by Neil Gaiman Tan as well as How To Live Forever by Colin Thompson in the second half term.

Our topics for this term are as follows:

Maths: Statistics, shape, geometry, a range of revision lessons (some of which children may request!) and also some real life Maths Skills projects.

English: Diaries, Adventure Stories, Persuasive Writing, Letters, Newspaper Reports.

Geography: Around the World in 80 Days                            

Our PE days are currently Monday (Swimming) and Friday (Athletics).  Please ensure your child has a spare set of clothes to change into afterwards, as they may get sweaty and lessons take place regardless of weather (within reason!).  Please note that on the first Monday back that all children will attend an assessment session for swimming.  

Each week, one member of the class will prepare and deliver a short presentation on a topic of their choice.  Last year, we had a very wide range of topics: Poland, the lower half of a horse's leg, ways the world could end, Phil Foden, cricket... The choices are endless!  These are completed each Friday.

Please note that there is currently no spellings being set and there may also be less Maths and English homework set too - This is because of the expectation that children independently complete revision tasks over the next four weeks.  Please encourage them to come and speak to me about anything they have struggled with.  The aim is to complete all revision guides by SATs week!  Little and often is the key and it is great to see this having a positive impact on the attainment of some children in the class.

As well as these, each child has a login to spag.com (written on the inside front cover of one of their revision guides), a wesbite to support spelling, punctuation and grammar work.  A number of practice tests have been set on there for children to complete at home too - I would recommend one a week between now and SATs in May.

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