Reception (R1) 2020 - 2021

Mrs Vernon

Teaching Assistants : Mrs Peach (mornings) and Mrs Corrigan (afternoons) Miss Sandison (mornings-Reception/ Resource Provision)

Other teachers: Miss Sandison (PPA Friday afternoon)
School Council Representatives:

Welcome to Class R1

The Reception class is the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We follow the EYFS curriculum through Early Years Outcomes (age related phases) towards the Early Learning Goals. There are 7 areas of learning: Communication and Langague, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design.


Please see the school Lockdown Info page for suggestions of useful websites and activities to support you in helping your child learn at home. Remote Learning Information

Autumn 1

 Our first topic will be BEARS - we will be using different stories as starting point for a range of cross -curricular tasks. We will retell the stories of 'The Three Bears' and 'The Bear Hunt'. We will order bowls and spoons by size and make repeating patterns using compare bears. We will make maps for the Bear Hunt story and set up a Bear Hunt story walk. We will find information out about different bears and bring in a picture of our own bear. (A text will go out when this is needed)

Planning will be put on to our class page on the web site.  P.E  will be on Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon.

PPA - Miss Sandison will cover the class on Friday afternoons


Letters and Sounds - Please use the link below to help your child with the following letter sounds/shapes(phase 2 order)  s a t p i n

The next set of letters are  m d g o c k  but please work at the pace that is best for your child. We hope to send a letter chart out before half term.


Our next topic will be about ANIMALS. The children showed a good level of knowledge about bears and so to extend their knowledge further we will focus on different types of animals - farm, zoo and pets. We will use a range of story books as well as using non-fiction texts and computers to find out information. We will sort and describe animals by where they live and if they are wild/tame. We will talk about similarities and differences and develop vocabulary linked to animal young.

Please continue to support your child at home with their letters and sounds work - this link should take you to You Tube letters and sounds reception lessons - lesson 1 starts with s and by lesson 11 the children arare working on segmenting and blending - (lesson 16 =ck) if there are any problems with the link just google YOU TUBE letters and sounds reception lessons. 


Our delayed topic will be based on Castles and will be based on stories which will link in to Dragons and  Magic.  We will use a range of fairy tales and stories to develop the children's skill in retelling stories and making up their own narratives with fairytale characters. We will use mini world figures and finger puppets to develop this further. The children will also complete group collaborative challenges to build castles and dragon nests as well as a range of artwork and science work on 'magnet magic' and making magic potions.

Please continue to support your child at home with correct letter formation, letters and sounds work on making and writing CVC. The You Tube  Reception lessons continue to be useful to consolidate and underpin the work we do in class. Work from lesson 40. (But use any earlier ones to review work already done)


Our new topic will be  GARDENS and we will continue from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk which we read in the last week of the Spring term. We will start our topic with the story Jasper's Beanstalk and develop the children's knowledge and investigation skills about what seeds need to grow. We will develop their knowledge and understanding about life cycles - butterflies and frogs- by using story and information texts. We will write sentences for information and in a sequence to retell stories. We will work with numbers to 20 and on addition and subtraction by counting on and back.

PE = Wednesday Morning and Friday Afternoon

PPA - Mrs Corrigan will cover the class Friday afternoon


Our topic for this last half term will be JOURNEYS. We will talk about different ways of travelling and about long and short journeys. We will use a combination of story and information books to complete work on space (rockets) - drawing and describing aliens, writing sentenes to describe them, reading information sentences on planets, 2D and 3D rockets, we will also write a simple narrative about a spaceman and an alien. We will then look at trains (the Train Ride) and we will draw maps and talk about features of different places. We will use the book 'The Hundred Decker Bus' to look at  long and short  journeys, counting in 10's and measuring using bus counting cards.

PE = Wednesdays and Fridays  (extra PE with Crewe Alex on Tuesday morning)

PPA - Mrs Corrigan will cover the class on Friday afternoons


  • Recognition of all PHASE 3 sounds - read and write sentences using them
  • Read all Phase 3 tricky words and spell them
  • Phase 4 - sheets sent home - tricky words and sentenes to spell and read 
  • Write numbers 1-20 and know 1 more/less than a given number
  • Write all lower case letters of the alphabet correctly - extending to upper case and writing on a line - size of letters and ascenders and descenders


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