Achievements & Celebrations

At Hermitage Primary School we enjoy celebrating our pupil's acheivements and successes. Here are some of the ways we like to celebrate:


Achievement cups are awarded to a boy and a girl from each key stage at the end of each term. The teaching staff meet to discuss who they think has made an outstanding schievement for the term. During an end of term assembly there is a big build up until the winners of the cups are finally revealed! The cups are kept by the children until the end of the following term until it is time to award them to the next hard-working achievers.


Sometimes we are so proud of something that a whole class has done that we award a class point!

Each class collects points and when they have reached the target agreed with their class teacher, they have a class treat to celebrate their achievement. Sometimes this is an extra-long playtime, a short DVD of their choice, tabletop games and many other things!


The school teams are:

ELM (Red) - HAWTHORN (Blue) - BEECH (Yellow) - CEDAR (Green)

From Year 1 onwards, children can earn merits for a whole variety of reasons - great work, effort, good attitude, politeness, helpfulness and for being a Hermitage Hero!                

Each week all of the merits points are totaled up and a certificate is awarded to the winning team for the week during our celebrations assembly. The certificate is displayed in the hall.

Remember - a headteacher /deputy headteacher award is worth 5 merits.


We are very proud of the fact that Hermitage children are always willing to support a wide variety of sports, choir and musical events in our cluster group of schools. We recognise their efforts and thank them in celebration assemblies.

Many children take part in clubs and take examinations in a vareity of sports, music, dancing and some quite unusual hobblies! We encourage them to bring their awards into school so that they can show the rest of the school and tell others about what they have done. Whenever possible, we display work and certificates in the school hall.

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