Differentiated Learning

All staff understand the need for ASC friendly practice within class and around school.

As well as providing Quality First Teaching, we can draw upon strategies such as TEACCH to provide structure and support as and where necessary. Visual support such as timetables, cue cards, lists and symbols are used throughout the day. The ASC team work together with pupils and staff to allow children to fully participate in school life as appropriate. We support staff in implementing appropriate organisational and teaching strategies in mainstream classes. We promote pre-teaching and opportunities to explore concepts further if this helps a child to grasp them more fully.

Included in their mainstream class, working alongside their peers, is encouraged where appropriate. However, to reduce distractions and heighten concentration and learning, pupils can often work in smaller, supported groups in a quieter environment. If necessary a child can work 1:1 with an adult to focus on a specific objective or skill for a short amount of time. We often find some pupils benefit from time to relax between, or at the end of, intensive learning activities. Additionally, some children require specific rewards to be provided at the end of completing school work, which are then carefully structured to ensure that each child learns in the best way possible. 

At Key Stage 2, some children are taught English and Maths in the Resource Base. These children all have an EHCP and benefit from the highly-differentiated work, quieter working environment and additional structure and predictability in the morning sessions.

During the afternoons, all children are part of their mainstream classes and staff from the Resource Provision are deployed to support children and their mainstream staff to further enable access, differentiation and inclusion. Social skills, pre-teaching and over-learning, rephrasing of language and the creation of resources/implementation of reward systems are ways in which children may be supported. 

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