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We understand that many children are reluctant to talk about their day at school and that for children with autism home and school are completely separate. Links between home and school are vital, especially as many of our children will come to school in a taxi so we may not get the opportunity for regular conversation. These links are crucial for informing each party how their child’s school day or home life is going as events may affect their behaviour.

We may provide a home-school diary, in which staff and parents write. The home-school diary is useful both for imparting pertinent information, such as about a child’s mood or reaction to situations or important news about trips or events or to celebrate their achievements that day. It maintains dialogue between a child’s carers and school staff. 

Please do let us know if there are any issues or if you find out about any worries or anxieties your child has. We are a very supportive team and will always try to address these issues. Sometimes we will take the information onboard and monitor the situation as often children will not want to discuss issues that have occurred and start the next day as a 'clean page'. However, it is important to address some issues directly and it is important that information is shared between home and school. 

Parents also have the opportunity to speak with class teachers at Parents Evenings and the Annual Review. They will receive written school reports in the Summer Term from the class teacher. 

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