Personal and Social Development

Many children find social situations stressful. Those with ASC or communication difficulties can find it more difficult to express themselves, learn how to ‘fit in’ or make new friends. Social and emotional skills are taught directly in school, following the child’s individual needs. They are usually taught as part of a small ‘social’ group or 1:1 if thought best.

We are very proud of the additional work that we complete with our students. We have offered several visits to Holmes Chapel village to teach road safety, handling money, developing confidence when speaking to people and opportunities to develop other skills outside of the curriculum such as gardening, working with animals and much more! 

In social skills sessions, we work on recognising different emotions and facial expressions, developing play skills and friendships or relating to different people appropriately. We might also explore personal hygiene, modesty or puberty and discuss social interaction with peers. 

As children age and move up through the school, independence and life skills gain importance as we prepare them for the transition to secondary school. We offer an extended transition to different secondary schools and support this with additional support during Year 6. 

Staff from the Resource Provision are able to liaise and visit secondary schools with parents if you feel you would benefit from this support. 

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