We aim to foster a positive approach in all our practices.

General school rewards such as verbal praise, merit points and stickers are given out easily to encourage good work and effort. However, child specific rewards are also particularly helpful to motivate a child with ASC. These are chosen in negotiation between child and supervising adult to meet the interests and needs of each child. The rewards may be a favourite activity or pastime, such as lego or laptop time.

We often use a three-step ‘Jane is working for …….’ target card, on which the tasks and reward are displayed. This serves as a visual prompt and motivator as well as giving structure, sequence and independent learning opportunities during the lesson.

We support parents to use these rewards alongside homework and chores and can provide information at our Termly ASC Coffee Mornings. Please contact us if you would like support around encouraging your child to read or complete homework. Quite often, just letting your child know that we communicate with each other is a good strategy in ensuring homework is completed.

It's also never useful to get into an argument about homework so please just jot a comment in the communication book and we can discuss it at school. 

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